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Thursday 27 August 2009

Are You Making These Body Language Mistakes With Your Hands?

Unfortunately, what you do with your hands can be one of the quickest non-verbal ways to destroy the attraction that a woman feels for you, because the wrong hand movements can communicate that you are a low-status, beta male.

To make matters worse, your hands can be particularly tough to manage because, let's face it, when you feel nervous, the hardest thing in the world is figuring out what to do with your hands!

For success with your dating and seduction of women, make sure you don't make the following body language mistakes with your hands.

MISTAKE ONE. Displaying your anxiety with your hands.

You do this when you:

1) Shred napkins.
2) Make your hands into fists.
3) Sit on your hands.
4) Hold something and play with it.
5) Twiddle your fingers or thumbs.
6) Hold your hands unnaturally still.
7) Sit on your hands to avoid having the woman see them tremble.

Although you might be feeling nervous, the last thing you want to do is to let the woman detect you feel that way.

Instead you want to convey that you're calm and in control. Nothing attracts a woman more than a man who's laid back and confident.

MISTAKE TWO. Putting your fingers into your mouth.

When you bite your nails or otherwise chew on your fingers, you are, according to psychologists, doing the same thing that infants are doing when they suck their mother's breast.

For a baby, breast feeding provides comfort. When we became toddlers, our thumbs replaced our mom's nipple.

And then as adults, biting our thumbnail does the same thing. Ever noticed that when you're out in public, you mainly bite your nails when you're under pressure?

THE SOLUTION. Just hold your hands relaxed on the table.

Rest your forearms on the table, keeping your arms open and letting them drop forward.

Keep your hands and arms open and relaxed. Most of the time this means having them about 18 inches or half a meter apart, your palms facing each other, with fingers curved slightly upward.

As your palms face each other, they should also face the woman. Open palms convey honesty and being completely comfortable with yourself. Having the back of your hands facing her can often convey that you're hiding something.

Demonstrating your confidence can be as easy as that! Stop twiddling your thumbs and watch the women flock to you.

7 Strategies to Make Room for Money

Laws of the Attraction notwithstanding, there are several
external ways that you can make room for more money
in your life.

Yes, there are those of you who can manifest whatever
you want, whenever you want. This article is for
those of you who may need just a few extra tools.

First, it is vital to create a space that can be filled
with what you really want.

Start by going through your closets. Remove every article
of clothing, shoes, and purses you have not worn in at
least a year.

How do you know what to get rid of?

Use the following as a guide:

1. Use your intuition. Trust it.
2. Ask yourself if you love it.
3. Does it fit?
4. Do you use it?
5. Do you need it?
6. What memories does it bring up?
7. Again, use your intuition.

Take all of these clothes, shoes and purses to your local resale
store. You will start receiving money immediately.

Bonus feature: The space you have created will now be filled
with what you really want. Be patient.

Second, go through every drawer in your home and remove
all the junk.

You know what junk is.

Plastic forks from takeout; rubber bands and plastic bags
you are saving for some reason.

Men (and women!) go to the garage.

- How many screwdrivers do you really need?

- How many cans of old, unused paint are taking up space?

Clean out the garage and only put back in what you use.

Sell the rest at a garage sale or give to the Goodwill.

There, you have a tax credit as well as money.

Clean out your office desk. Throw away any document that is

I know, you are afraid you will throw something away
you may need in the future.

Well, I understand.

This particular article you are reading was originally written
in 1986. I did not throw it out. In 1986, I did not have
a computer, so here we are. Boy, am I glad I saved this.

The information still holds up.

Okay, back on track.

Create as much order as possible in your home, garage and
office. If you are a creative individual, this may be
difficult as creative types are visual and like to see
things. Make it work for you.

As you eliminate all this junk, you will start feeling a
sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and freedom.

If you do not have these feelings, you are not yet ready
to make room for money I your life.

Your desire and your feelings must be in alignment

You may also have feelings of fear and doubt. Learn to
trust yourself and allow the process to work for you.

Third, sit down and make a list of all the people
you do not have a great relationship with.

This list includes people you have judged, blamed or
criticized. This same list includes people who have judged
blamed or criticized you!

Visualize each individual, and, as you do, forgive them.

Forgiveness is one of the most important tools for making
money in your life. Generate appreciation towards these
individuals in order to heal yourself.

Eliminate grudges. Grudges contract the body, mind and
spirit. Release and let go. Step by step, expansion is
on the way.

Fourth, pay your bills on time. It is very important to keep
your money agreements, so pay your bills graciously.
If you avoid paying certain obligations because you have
insufficient funds, or are displeased with the service of
someone whom you owe money, use visualization.

Bring these people into your mind's eye. Allow your body to
experience negative feelings you may be holding on to.
Breathe deeply and look at your resistance. Generate
appreciation and love towards these vendors.

You certainly were grateful when you used the card, so
bring back that gratitude!

Keep breathing until all discomfort is released; until you
can visualize this person with little emotion or reaction.

If you do not currently have the money for a specific obligation,
phone the vendor and explain the situation.

Remember, it is only temporary!

Even the U.S. government will negotiate.

Fifth, act as if you have all the money you want. Notice,
I use the word ‘want', as opposed to ‘need'. You have all
that you need. In order to attract what you want --
the Universal Law of Attraction says it is already there,
but the rational mind sometimes butts in-- you must act
as if you have all you want.

If you had all the money you wanted, what would you
be doing for work, if anything? If you are not doing what
you love, what brings you joy, money may appear as
a slow leak, instead of a gusher.

Present as prosperous a picture as possible. That does not
mean you have to spend money.

- Appropriate grooming is cheap.
- Smile more often.
- Indulge yourself with long luxurious baths.
- Create a candle light dinner, even if for one person.
- Look in the mirror and say, " Hey, I like you!."

These simple tools will help you feel and look better.
The Universe will look at you and say, "Alright, you've got
it! Let's give you a little more."

Sixth, give some money away. Give away what you want
more of – it really works. Tithe clothing items in lieu of
money if that feels better. Don't purchase anything new
unless you eliminate one item form your home or office.

Give willingly and unconditionally, without expecting to
receive anything in return.

Do it because you can.

Seven, call up your parents. Tell them you love all they
have done for you. If you cannot get as far as the love
word, express your appreciation. Let them know how you
feel in a positive way. If your parents have passed on,
write them a letter telling them about all the things and
circumstances you appreciated them for but never had
the chance to share.

They will see this letter, no matter where they are.

Remember, the Law of Attractions is powerful. It provides
you with whatever you think about, both wanted and

Let these seven strategies help you think more clearly
about how to make room for money in your life.

10 Emotionally Intelligent Questions to Ask Before You Marry Someone

1. Is it just sexual attraction?

Sexual attraction comes from the reptilian brain and is automatic and powerful because it relates to our
survival. It's not always a basis for living with someone happily. Don't let it "hijack" you. Find out what else is there.

2. Do they like to touch and be touched?

This is important to your mental and physical health.

3. Do they look at your with affection and kindness?

Most communication is nonverbal.

4. Have you used your thinking brain?

EQ means using all 3 brains. Are you compatible in your daily habits? You'll be keeping house together. Do you have the same values and priorities?

5. Does he or she have emotional self-awareness? How are they at empathy?

One of the most predictive traits for compatibility is if you can sense the other's sadness.

6. How optimistic is this person ?

Optimism is the facilitator of all the EQ competencies. In addition, optimists live longer, enjoy better health, and accomplish more.

7. Are they intentional?

Intentionality, an EQ competency, is saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Also being accountable for the motives behind your actions. If you have commitment to the relationship, i.e., nobody's going to go away, you'll work through problems differently.

8. How resilient are they?

How do they manage adverse events and setbacks? Have they been able to grow through adversity, not just go through it?

9. How do you and your partner manage anger?

Successful couples soothe one another instead of agitating and escalating.

10. How balanced is their life?

Resilient people combine learning, work and leisure throughout their lifetime.

How to be a Miracle Maker: Create the Love, Money, Body and Spirit

Here's a fascinating secret about miracles: You can't necessarily always place an order for magic at will, but you can deliberately create the conditions -- environment, atmosphere and attitude -- that make miracles a thousand times more likely to occur. Want to know how you can create a miracle-friendly world? By taking these practical steps, you will bring magic into your relationships, body, finances and more!

Your ability to Make Miracles is in direct proportion to your willingness to:

1. Tell yourself more truth about the situation you want to transform

The more honest you are about where you're really at, the more personal power you have to realize your dreams. By aligning yourself accurately with what is real, you retrieve all of the life force you've invested in holding together false situations and relationships. This re-captured energy then attracts the goals you desire. In this universe what's congruent gets the energy. What's not congruent doesn't get the energy. Where aren't you being honest or accurate about some aspect of your life? What truth about your life is right now safe, timely, helpful, nurturing and liberating for you to acknowledge to yourself?

2. Act "outside the box"

All magic occurs beyond the boundaries of your current belief system. What obstacles lie between you and moving outside your "comfort zone?" Where could you let your vision for your life be more outrageous? More fun? More of what you really want?

3. Withdraw from collective mass consciousness

Step beyond general consensus to remove the limits of what's possible for you to have. Many people have changed society -- and had fun -- by doing "what couldn't be done." You can too. When you withdraw your energy field from the energy field of the tribal collective agreement, you can create outside that agreement. Be "in the world, but not of it." Where in your life could you step a little further outside of mass consciousness thinking?

4. Use the Law of Attraction: Energize what you love with gratitude

Our magnetic field of energy is always (all ways) attracting exactly what we need to create our heart's desires. Discover the ancient wisdom of multiplying what you have with deep thankfulness. As you pour the vibration of appreciation into the love, health, prosperity and joy that you already have, this vibration will magnetize more of the same to you. It's the physics of the Universe. What aspects of your life could you right now be genuinely grateful for?

5. Experience "concrete, physical" reality as energy

When we choose to experience so-called "solid" things as the vibrational energy -- fields of energy -- that they actually are, these aspects of our reality become infinitely more malleable and flexible in responding to our intentions. Where are you willing right now to open to experiencing your body -- and other people, conditions, animals, rocks, emotions -- as an energy field (life force/flow dynamic) rather than as fixed, static, solid objects?

6. Reclaim your Personal Power

Are you energizing ideas and activities and maintaining relationships that no longer serve you? When you choose to invest in those relationships and situations that do feed your dreams, you regain tremendous personal power. When you choose to call back your spirit from the people, ideas and activities that no longer serve you, you regain tremendous personal power to invest in those relationships and situations that do feed your dreams. What are you tolerating, avoiding or denying in your life right now? Where are you compromising, sacrificing or settling for something less than what you really want? Where could you invest your time, energy and attention that would really serve you?

7. Relax your grip on your belief system

When you release your vise grip on the rigid, fixed beliefs you inherited from society, the things can shift that need to shift for something new, fresh, wonderful and miraculous to happen to you. What are your beliefs about how life operates? How important are these beliefs to your survival, identity, reputation (need for approval) and sense of worth? In what areas of your life could you right now relax your need to control the exact functioning of the people and events around you?

8. Build Your Chi – Your Internal Life Force Energy

Our free attention, time and energy are the lifeblood of our ability to create and attract what we desire in life. The more we consciously manage and steward these natural assets, the more we can build a reservoir and reserve of miracle-producing power. Where could you be more accessible to energy-giving situations and people? Where could you be more inaccessible to energy-draining situations and people? How can you naturally and easily "build your internal life force chi" through activities that are fun for you? What in your life are you not experiencing as an adventure?

9. Connect directly with Spirit

Your soul is in charge of your life! Your spirit has been running the show from behind the stage curtain since the beginning of time. Open a direct line to the wonders, wisdom, support and guidance of your own brilliant soul plan. How do you mediate/pray? Is it as effective as you would like? Have you tried a moving meditation?

10. Align your personality with your soul

When you're aligned with your true intentions in being here this lifetime, prosperity flows automatically with no effort or doingness. Align your everyday lifestyle with your soul vision and receive all the support, energy and love you need—and begin to enjoy the ride! What actions could you take that would bring your life more in accord with your life purpose? What changes could you make to be more authentic in your life?

11. Allow yourself to receive from Spirit

The primary joy and purpose of our spirit friends -- the Ascended Masters, guardian angels, spirit guides, nature devas, spirit animals -- is to assist us to reach our life goals. Do you regularly ask for assistance, and let in love and energy from your other dimensional allies?

12. Embrace your Shadow

What you choose not to see, you can't change. What weaknesses, faults, fears and shortcomings do you feel you have -- socially, physically, spiritually, romantically, financially, sexually? Are you willing to open up to your soul's point of view on your so-called "dark side"?

13. Hang with people who nurture you

By your own pre-arranged conscious design, old soulmates deliver messages to you that trigger timely awareness, alchemy and awakening. What people and environments are not entirely safe, supportive or inspiring for you to be with? Where could you refuse to let another be reckless with your heart? Where could you be less reckless with another's heart? Where could you celebrate the success of others?

14. Listen to your body

Our body is a natural feedback system to keep us abreast of how well we are dealing with the pressures and demands of life. What lessons is your body reflecting to you? What wake-up calls from your body have you been denying? What's the weight you are carrying around? What's your body dying to tell you?

15. Follow the guiding signs and synchronicities Spirit gives you everyday

Our soul is always (all ways) trying to steer us toward our goals. We live in an interactive, responsive universe that is designed to fulfill our deepest dreams -- if we would only play along! Allow your intuition to guide you to the forms and vehicles that will empower your spirit to express fully. What messages and signals has the Universe been sending you that you have been ignoring, misinterpreting, or are afraid to act on?

16. Choose to be innocent (free) of the past: Welcome surprise and serendipity

Open the door to more magic, meaning and money in your world by learning to suspend skepticism and conditioned responses. Learn to surf through the surprises of life, instead of being swept away by them. Where could you approach your goals with more flexibility, openness and sense of play?

17. Feng-shui your life: Give yourself a "spaceshift"

Feng-shui is the ancient art of consciously managing matter and energy within space. By intuitively re-arranging the elements of your daily life, you create the space to nurture the freedom, opportunities and effectiveness you desire. By clearing out the old, dead elements of your life, you create a natural vacuum and an unblocked channel for fresh, new energy and ideas to come into your private and professional life. How could you unblock your energy now? Where can you re-arrange the ways you live your everyday life in a fresh, new, intuitive way?

18. Live your life as an experiment

Consider your life as the latest -- and greatest -- experiment by human consciousness to express Heaven on Earth -- or just to have fun playing in the 3rd dimension. Where could you lighten up, celebrate and have more humor in your approach to living?

Be a Realtor with Curb Appeal

Are you a realtor with curb appeal or are you more of a fixer-upper needful of updating?

How you present yourself to colleagues, buyers and sellers, from the very first moment, will influence your sales records as well as the confidence and satisfaction your new clients feel. Even if you're a Realtor in demand, with more listings than hours in a week, you may well find areas that you can polish. Read on to make doubly sure you are a realtor with curb appeal and then watch your business grow!

Image is Everything

Like it or not your competence on the job will be judged by the first impression you give your new or prospective customers. Make sure they leave every meeting with you feeling confident, informed and satisfied with your ability to give them the service they want.

In order to leave a polished, professional impression you must excel in several key areas. Let's take a closer look at these.

Courtesy Lives

Ask anyone what trait they most appreciate in a sales person and they will tell you it's courtesy. Winning sales people understand that impeccable manners and unfaltering courtesy will lead to loyal clients who will not only speak well of their experiences but will recommend you to all their friends, relatives, acquaintances and even the check out clerk at the supermarket.

The positive publicity that comes from word of mouth is priceless, long lasting and your best sales tool. It can't be purchased but once earned, it will repay you in promotional dividends for years.

Humour is Everything

Have you ever met a person with no sense of humor? Did you find their company enjoyable or did you spend your time looking for the exit sign? Life is difficult on its best days and we all get tired, frustrated and angry but your clients should never sense these things in you. Never – ever – offer complaints to your clients. If a difficult situation arises, solve it as quickly as possible. If you keep your patience and sense of humor you will keep your clients too.

Dress for Success

Successful people dress for success. It is easy to have confidence in a salesperson who looks confident and professional. Each property showing is a new job interview so dress for it, right down to your shoes.

If you're inclined to wear a personal scent, be it perfume or men's cologne, remember the three-foot rule. No one outside of three feet from your person should be able to tell you're wearing fragrance. I'm sure you want to be remembered for your client-centered professionalism and not your unbridled use of the cologne bottle.

Perfectly Polished Space

From your office space to your car's floor mats you want to project yourself as a sales person with an eye for detail and quality.

Scent is one of those things that people hold in memory the longest. Your car shouldn't reek of cigarette smoke and your office trash shouldn't hold the remnants of the raw onion sandwich you had for lunch. Don't rely on an air freshener. Empty your trash can and ashtray. Make sure everything has a sparkling clean look, smell and feel.

By offering your clients a clean, relaxing atmosphere, they will feel encouraged to stay longer, look harder and ask the questions they need answered to feel most comfortable with buying or listing their property with you.

Winning Copy – Wins!

Do you make up your business cards, sales flyers, brochures and announcements on your office computer? You shouldn't – unless they are professional grade.

Unless you are a superb desk top publisher, have a great eye for design and are an excellent writer, you should never attempt to produce your professional copy yourself. Handmade and home-made have no place in the advertisement arsenal of a realtor with curb appeal.

Hiring a professional copy writer is one of the smartest investments you can make. Perfectly polished ads with crisp informative copy, well done business cards and sizzling brochures make for inexpensive advertising. Poorly done items give the impression of a low budget business and the feel of a business that's here today but may not be tomorrow.

Organizational Style

“We love it –we'll take it,” the client says.

“I'll write that up for you now,” the realtor responds and a few minutes later emerges from the back seat of his car with a crumpled offer form stained with ketchup and a dirty shoe print.

Lack of organizational skills shows the unpolished view of a realtor more than any other issue. Do what ever it takes to get organized and constantly be on the prowl for additional tricks to improve your “system.”

Last, Never Least

The last tip here is an important one. Remember the client after the sale – and they will remember you to their friends, relatives and neighbours for years to come. Have your copywriter prepare informational postcards, thank-you cards and 1st cards. Small, after the sale, house-warming baskets with fruit or condiments is a memorable gift as are coupons to local restaurants and family attractions. Few businesses have the keen competition that is ever present in the real estate market. It really doesn't matter if sales are booming or depressed, a realtor must be on top of his or her game at all times. The first, and last, impression you leave will be lasting -make sure you are spit shined, polished and ready to sell. If growing your business is important to you - make sure you are a realtor with curb appeal.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Cancel Cancel. How Giving Attention to What You Don't Want Brings More of it

Next time you catch yourself saying 'cancel cancel', simply replace it with your new thought when you ask yourself, "So, what do I want?"

Have you heard yourself or others say 'cancel cancel' after catching that a negative declarative statement was made, usually about something unwanted?

Saying 'cancel cancel' is actually giving it more attention, almost like burning embers on a fire. Saying 'cancel cancel' keeps the thought alive and fuels it, like blowing on the embers to start small flames.

The Universal Law of attraction can be defined as ..."The Universe responds to whatever you give your attention and energy to, whether wanted or unwanted." So, in the moment you observe yourself declaring something you don't want, simply ask yourself, "So, what do I want" and make that your new declarative statement. It may feel awkward at first, but you'll love the rewards!

Next time you catch yourself saying 'cancel cancel', simply replace it with your new thought when you ask yourself, "So, what do I want?"

Have fun with this.

Enjoy the Magic of Prosperity

There is an art and a science to prosperity. The art is playing with the magic of prosperity. The science is aligning with the physics of prosperity.

Play at Life!

Why does the money run out? Why doesn't passion stay around? Why doesn't health last?

Perhaps because we're not playing. Instead, we're analyzing and strategizing. By not being innocent, open, willing, spontaneous and flexible, we kill the magic of natural prosperity.

Results are important in life. And life works out best when played like a kid's game -- in the spirit of a fun adventure between two best friends. When approached lightly -- not as a deadly serious contest -- life actually responds more readily to our wishes.

Ride the Pulse of Prosperity

Just like the body's circulatory system, prosperity has a pulse, a rhythm. When we're willing to go along with the pace and pattern of life's changes, we prosper. When we tighten up, hold back, or try to control or micro-manage life's vacillations, we cut ourselves off from life's natural bounty. The magic dies.

Align with Attraction

Do you feel stuck? Are you struggling to make life work? Tired of your own soap opera reruns?

Get your life aligned with the Law of Attraction!

Scientists agree with spiritual teachers. Prosperity is simply the natural physics of the universe. Science calls it the Law of Quantum Physics. Metaphysics calls it the Law of Spiritual Attraction. Like energy attracts like energy. Like vibration attracts like vibration. Like qualities attract like qualities. This is Instant Karma in all its beauty and fierce justice.

Scientifically speaking, all physical matter in life is pulsating electromagnetic energy that undulates in a wave motion -- and thus, naturally connects with those aspects of life that are on that same wavelength.

An Inside Job

So how do you put cash in your pocket, romance in your bedroom, and vitality in your body?

The Latin root of "prosperity" means "to make happy, favorable, successful, fortunate, thriving. Prosperity is not an outer circumstance or state. Prosperity is an inner feeling or space -- an experience of oneself as joyful and flourishing. Outer events are the reflections of how you have been flowing from your Source Energy. This is what a good creator does -- flow energy.

You can attract prosperity with your personal magnetism. As you focus your attention on your dream, the Law of Attraction brings your desires to you automatically.

True prosperity is having what you choose to have as you choose to have it.

Here are a few effective, pragmatic ways to tap into the River of Plenty.

Master the Law of Giving and Receiving

When you give freely of your gifts and talents, you receive back in kind. The key to success here is how you give, not what you give. When you come from a place of bountiful giving, you receive plentifulness in return. When you give from a place of lack or limitation (for example, expecting something in return as a pay-off), you receive back the same vibration or quality -- a reflection of lack and limitation. When you give from a space or energy of fear (scarcity consciousness), the universe mirrors that poverty back to you.

Align Your Personality with Your Soul

Align your personality's actions and attitudes with your soul purpose and passion -- and your life will unfold in a profoundly easy, delightful and bountiful way.

Walk with an Appreciative Heart

What you appreciate in life appreciates -- increases, grows. The more aspects of life you appreciate, the richer you become inwardly -- and, in turn, outwardly, according to the Law of Attraction.

Prosperity Begets Prosperity

Prosperity is a living, organic state of being. Prosperity defies the laws of economics in that it's not a commodity that we have less of when we give some away. Prosperity grows greater for the giver as it's given. The more you share, the more you end up receiving. Give and you shall attract. Nature does abhor a vacuum!

Draw from Your Prosperity Consciousness Bank Account

Vibrations of good times can be stored up for retrieval during challenging times. Prosperous times can remind you emotionally and physically of how the vibration of happiness feels -- and shift you palpably into those good vibes in the present.

Experientially re-living peak moments from the past is more transforming than mentally remembering an event. "Positive experiencing" is even more powerful than "positive thinking."

Make Room for Miracles

Create the attitude and conditions that make miracles more likely to occur. Fear less and dare more. Invite surprise. Welcome serendipity. Be open to unexpected sources of income, resources and support -- especially those that don't "make sense" to the intellect with its limited range of possibilities.

And stay open to invisible assistance from your spirit friends -- be they angels, Ascended Masters or spirit guides.

Ask "Why not?"

Take the road less traveled. Be different, creative, fluid, experimental. See fresh possibilities, better combinations, and new opportunities and challenges where others see problems or limitations. Exude excitement and enthusiasm about daily life. The electromagnetic energy of this exuberant, open attitude will attract magic, meaning and money into your world.

Quit Energizing the Past

The past only exists to the degree we unconsciously drag it into the present. Take charge of how yesterday affects your today. Regard the past as an eternal stream of "practice takes" that allow you to "get it right" in this moment! And energize only the elements of the past that feed the plentiful reality you are creating now.

Forgive ... then Forgive Some More!

By learning to forgive ourselves and others, we give ourselves the gift of freedom from the past. Forgiveness loosens the debilitating constraints of anger, resentment, cynicism, regret and despair -- and releases our hearts to swell with aliveness and compassion. Give yourself and others Blanket Forgiveness -- now!

Take Charge of the Present Moment

"Now" is the only time you can control. All success and bounty flows from the power of the vibration you are in each moment. By learning to be present in the current moment -- in the "current" of the moment -- you naturally receive the treasures that it carries.

Feng-shui Your Life!

Give yourself a "Spacelift." By intuitively re-arranging the elements of your daily life, you can create the quality of time and space that will increase your ability to receive abundance. Clear your path of illusions and lies so that your creating attention flows solely to your dreams, not to the distractions and myths of life.

Tap the Power of Surrender

Worry serves as a signal that we must tend to some aspect of life. But when we have done all that we do for the moment, it's time to let go of anxiety and surrender to Universal Support. When intense emotions arise -- whether delight or grief, excitement or fear -- abandon yourself to them. Don't hold on! Relax that death grip on your feelings -- and, in doing so, on the inflow of life's aliveness and bounty!

Feel Extravagantly

Feel the pain as well as the joy. Shake with fear. Let the anger rise up and roar! If you're not truly feeling, you're not truly alive -- you're just going through the paces. You're only having a NLE -- Near-Life Experience.

You can't have money, love and health without feeling your emotions. Primal Life Force is the energy that animates all of life's rewards. That same exact energy comprises the essence of all emotion. The core natures of prosperity and emotion are one and the same: Source Energy. Make friends with your feelings and you open the floodgate to easy, natural abundance in your life!

Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Attract What You Want in Life

You can't fool Mother Nature. But she sure can fool you. What a beauty she is -- wowing us with her spacious skies and purple mountains majesty, and taunting us with her tantalizing tapestries of flora, fauna and frolicking creatures. From the spine-tingling glacial lakes of Alaska to the heart-warming mystical canyons of Arizona, I've experienced some of her best creations. Nature and I have been very intimate. I felt I knew her secrets. Boy, was I wrong!

I admit, I only wanted her for her looks and the way she makes me feel. It never occurred to me that Mother Nature has a deeper, more compassionate, protective side. I ignored her whispers that she has gifts for me -- treasures more valuable than gold. And I was blind to the clues she scattered on my path.

In my youth, if Mother Nature told me her wild birds could guide me back to a lost path, I'd have felt she was nutty as a squirrel. Knowing that I wouldn't listen to her, she sent a skilled sage to get her message through my thick skull. The Native American medicine man asked a simple question: "Did you know that rattlesnakes only bite "civilized" people and leave tribal people alone?" I felt the "crazy" shaman had a few rattles loose in his brain. But his words were intriguing. "How could that be?" I wondered. "Why would a snake choose to bite some people and leave others alone?" His preposterous claim haunted me.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, this bold assertion propelled my life into a new direction that would take me off my known map into uncharted territory. Mother Nature was luring me in. I was the cat. She was the nip. She was determined to get my attention!

A Helpful Hawk

My first clue to the guiding, caring aspect of Mother Nature occurred when a bird led me back to a hiking trail I'd lost. I'd gotten about 50 yards off the path, heading in the wrong direction. Suddenly a bird screeched. Looking up, I spotted a low-flying hawk circling intently over a particular spot. An investigation was in order. When I arrived at the spot he was focused on, he flew off. Wow! I found myself standing smack in the middle of the lost trail! My winged friend had delivered me back to my path.

Dancing with Danger

Mother Nature had just begun to rearrange my understanding about the inner workings of the natural world. She arranged for me to experience safety in situations that are usually hazardous for humans. To protect their offspring, wild boar usually attack people who intrude into their space. When I surprised a family of 40 wild boar with babies and they were more curious than hostile toward me. A poisonous scorpion crawled harmlessly over my foot without showing any inclination to sting. During a lengthy close encounter of the wily kind, a pack of coyotes sniffed me, checked me out thoroughly, and then went nonchalantly on their way. And I stomped my foot within an inch of a nesting rattlesnake -- without triggering a bite or even a rattle. Now I have the confidence to walk -- and even sit -- peacefully within a couple feet of resting rattlesnakes.

Ah, Mother Nature and my "crazy" medicine man -- their ingenious game plan was bearing fruit. The clues I was picking up from my uncharted journey were beginning to form a fresh picture about how life really works. I could now see that situations that appear dangerous are not always the case. What other surprises did Mother Nature have in store for me?

The Magical Mystery Tour

Hidden in plain sight is a magical space about which native tribes sing -- and "crazy" shamans teach. This place is real, physical and tangible. The core nature of this space explains why birds guide you back to your path and snakes bite some people and not others. It's a world of vibrational energy and attraction. To enter this new land, we need only to truly "see" what's right in front of us.

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey of discovery and adventure?

Bugs 'n Bunny

Have you ever been buzzed by a luminescent dragonfly who's trying to get you to notice her? Landing next to you, she waits for you to talk or play with her. After several minutes of intimate conversation, you're ready to go on your merry way, but the persistent bug circles around you, stopping you in your tracks. She perches on the nearest flower, wanting more interaction with you. Why'd she do that?

Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin' down the bunny trail. When he spots you, are you so uptight and agitated that he disappears faster than you can say, "Abracadabra?" Or, are you so relaxed and accessible that old Pete hangs around to get a bit closer to you?

What makes the difference between a creature wanting to hang with you, or get away from you? You make the difference.

Pickin' Up Good Vibrations

The Beach Boys sang about it: "Good, good, good, good vibrations ... giving me excitations." Bugs and bunnies feel good around people who give off good vibes. When you are in a state of openness and trust, animals feel open and trusting around you. When you give off fearful or threatening vibes, animals feel fear and either move away or feel threatened and defensive. It's up to you what vibration you put out.

Lady dragonfly enjoyed bathing in your playful energy and came back for more intimate interaction. On his first visit, Mr. Cottontail felt the harsh quality of your energy and disappeared. Later, when you were feeling happy, Pete was ready to do the Bunny Hop with you.

Attracting Love

Our emotional state affects not only our appeal to insects and animals, but also to humans. Other people respond to our vibration in exactly the same way as bugs and bunnies do. The vibe that attracts wild critters is the same vibe that attracts people and circumstances to nurture us -- like being loved or supported. The vibe that attracts a viper to bite us is the same vibe that attracts people and circumstances to "bite" us -- like being rejected or betrayed.

Have you noticed that when you are in great spirits, your conversations with friends are more fun and clear? People want to talk to you in the supermarket line or gather around you at work -- just like Peter Cottontail who wants to hang around and soak up your vibes. Or, are you so upset and irritated that people can't wait to get away from you -- and are looking for an excuse to disappear into a rabbit hole?

Getting the Goodies

When we pay attention, Mother Nature always guides us towards connection, harmony and support. She shows us how our emotional states affect every aspect of our lives. Our vibes determine our safety and success in life.

Mother Nature is still having her way with me -- and I keep coming back for more. I'm grateful she sent the "crazy" medicine man whose intriguing question led me to see the world with fresh eyes and an open heart.

How To Be A Simply Irresistible Salesperson

Ever notice how some people have a certain energy about them that naturally attracts success. What is their magic secret? Who you are personally shows up in your sales approach. It's a big mistake to think that you can fool people when you are not coming for the right place. It's the subtle subconscious clues that you send your prospect that can make or break your sale.

Let's face it - People buy from people they trust. People trust people who are like them. The more you behave like your prospect the more they will trust you. This is the core of relationships.

Much research has been done on the determining factors of creating rapport with prospects. It's not what you say that counts, it's how you say it. These are the three components in communication for developing rapport. Words, Voice qualities and Physiology. These three elements equal 100%. What's your best guess on the breakdown?

Your words are only 7% of your communication. Your voice qualities are 38% and your physiology is 55%. That means that what you say is the least significant. How you say it and how your carry your body are the most important factors in your ability to create rapport with your prospect.

It's important to speak your prospects language. You already know how to be who you are - it takes an elegant persuader to care enough about the other person to enter their world. Everyone wears different glasses to perceive the world. Your job is to find out what glasses they are wearing and speak to your prospect about your services with their glasses on. When someone feels like you understand them, their trust level goes up significantly and are more likely to buy.

There are three basic types of people Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Identify which one your prospect is and enter their world. Keep in mind in different circumstances people are all three. People tend to favor one more than the others. You use both of your hands, but tend to favor one more than the other.

Selling Strategies for the Visual Person

Visual people tend to look upwards, speak rapidly and have high levels of energy. They love to look good and will usually dress to perfection. Visual people love visual information. They speak in visual terms and they want you to do likewise. They love to see the goods, not talk about them. The look of the goods is vitally important in assisting them to make a positive buying decision.

Keep this overview in mind as we present you with a picture on how to highlight your presentations to Visuals in a way that is both illuminating and compelling at the same time. Can you see what we are looking for?

1. For a visual prospect, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Use charts, graphs, photos, and slides. Reinforce your presentation by using the blackboard. Bring videos if you have them.

2. Use visual words to pace their information gathering process. Develop beautiful pictures through your language. Use phrases in summation and closing like, "Is that clear to you?," "Imagine how this will...." or "How does this look to you?"

3. Glance upward occasionally. If you want your customer to imagine something or think visually, you can guide them to access visually. Looking upward will enhance their ability to form lasting mental pictures.

4. Write things down for your visual client throughout the sales call. Write important points down as you summarize. Encourage them to take notes. When you close the sale with a visual client write everything down so they can see the agreement.

5. Dressing professionally is important with any client. It is especially important with the visual client who will look for the "image" you have created with your clothes and your briefcase.

6. Visual clients "notice" everything. Pay attention to detail and the way things look. The package is as important as the product to Visuals.

7. And last, but most importantly, paint vivid and compelling pictures. The more vivid the picture, the more powerful the influence.

Selling Strategies for the Auditory Person

Auditory people tend to be more centered. Their eyes tend to move with their ears. Auditory people love auditory information. They speak in auditory terms and they want you to do likewise. They love to hear about your product, not necessarily see it. What others have said about your product is very valuable information.

Record this information in your mind so you tune in to your auditory prospect. Give them an earful of persuasion and listen to them to ask you for more. Can you hear what we are saying? Are we beginning to sing the same tune?

1. Use auditory words and phrases like, "Does that sound good to you?", "Are we in harmony on this?", "Shall I speak more directly about the facts and statistics?" or "This plate stamping machine is twice as quiet as the one you now have."

2. Quote testimonials and endorsements with your auditory clients. Auditory people think in "words" rather than feelings or pictures. They love to hear what other people have to say about your products or services.

3. Use your voice to hold the Auditory's attention. Change tone, volume, pitch and speech rate to verbally emphasize and enhance your sales points. Auditory prospects will pay as much attention, if not more, to how you speak as to what you say.

4. Tell the auditory customer lots of stories. Story telling in sales is powerful with everyone, and it is especially important with auditory prospects.

5. If you have to send them some information they often will not enjoy reading a brochure, so send a cassette tape outlining benefits, features etc. Use all the verbal information you can to move the sale forward. Get audio tapes into the hands and ears of your auditory leads right away. If your company does TV or radio advertising, ask your auditory client if they have heard your latest ads.

6. Have frequent telephone conversations with your auditory prospects. Even a brief call will mean a great deal to them.

7. Summarize agreements verbally after closing, using such a phrase as : "We are speaking about (summarize details.)" Remember, the Auditory hears everything. Give them exciting and motivating words that will play in their internally driven tape player long after the sales call is through.

8. It is important to know that auditory people find it hard to look at you and listen to what you are saying, so give them subconscious approval for looking away, by not demanding eye contact. They need to concentrate on what they hear and that's why they look away from you. Also, don't speak to rapidly or you will lose them.

Selling Strategies for the Kinesthetic Person

Kinesthetic people are more low keyed, typically the like to look down to connect with their feelings. Kinesthetic people love kinesthetic information. They react to kinesthetic terms and they want you to do likewise. They love to touch the goods, so let them get their hands all over the product. They must absolutely feel good about their decision, so help them get in touch with their feelings.

Grasp the important points in this section as we drive home the hard hitting strategies that work long and hard in putting deals together with the Kinesthetic. When these strategies sink in and you feel good about using them to nail down transactions with the Kinesthetic, you will have reached another plateau.

1. Use Kinesthetic words and phrases like, "Are you comfortable with this?", "How do you feel about that?" or "Do you need a more concrete example?" Talk about common interests, sports, family and let them know you care about their feelings. They want to know that you care about them and you are their friend.

2. Meet face to face with Kinesthetic clients. Don't rely too much on phone calls or written communication. They crave the head to head, belly to belly feeling that only one on one communication can give. Match them: if they have their jacket off, their tie loosened, do the same. They typically like to dress comfortably.

3. Get the kinesthetic physically involved with your presentation. Have them mark up your brochure. Have them walk through your proposal. If you are demonstrating a product they can use, encourage them to test the product out to find how it feels. Encourage them to hold the product, use the computer, feel the car finish, touch the rock fireplace, walk around the yard, stroke the leather seats get comfortable on the couch, etc. Make sure they are always physically comfortable. If they are not, they won't stay "with" your presentation.

4. Tell moving, emotionally based stories about your product and, most importantly, about the impact of your product or service on people just like them. Strongly communicate your emotional commitment to your product, to what you are selling. Then link commitment to your commitment to serving them.

5. Glance downwards occasionally. Kinesthetic people will intuitively pick it up and know that you are emotionally involved in your product. You can also guide them to access their feelings by glancing down and getting them to follow your lead. Typically, they are not comfortable with constant eye contact.

6. Kinesthetic people often like to be touched. They shake hands forever, often with the old "two-handed, let's hold this contact for a long, long time" approach. Since this is so appealing to them, an occasional pat on the back will fire off strong positive feelings. When you close the sale or come to some major commitment, shake hands on it. That gesture means a lot to a Kinesthetic person.

Here are some words you can listen for to identify your prospects style and use in your presentations.

Visual Auditory Kinesthetic amplify active appears announce bearable blurry articulate boils down to bright ask callous clarify audible chip off the old block clear call cold clear cut chime come to grips with clue clear as a bell comfortable conspicuous communicate concrete demonstrate converse control distinct describe in detail cool dream discuss deep examine divulge emotional eye to eye earful experience foresee exclaim feel fuzzy express yourself firm get a perspective give an account of firm foundation glance at give me your ear get a handle on hazy (idea) gossip get your goat horse of a different color grant an audience grab idea harmonize grasp illustrate hear (me out) grip imagine hold your tongue hand in hand in light of listen hands on in view of loud and clear hang in there inspect noise hard-headed look outspoken hassle mental picture overhear hold mind's eye pay attention to hustle notice quiet intuition obscure quoted involve observe rings a bell lay your cards on the table obvious roar lose outstanding say lukewarm paint a picture scream not following you perceive shout pressure picture shrill pull some strings pinpoint silence push read sing rough read sound seized realize speak sense recognize squeal sharp scrutinize state slipped my mind see suggest soft see to it talk solid show tell stand out sight to tell the truth start from scratch sign tone stress sparkling clean tongue-tied strong stare tuned out support survey unheard of tap tunnel vision utter test up front vocal tied up vague voiced an opinion touch view well-informed tough vision whisper unbearable watch within hearing range uptight well-defined word for word warm witness yell wear

Your prospect wants to know that you care about them. It is very easy for a salesperson to sell their product or service based on their values. Your values are what sold you to sell your product. Your prospects values for buying may not be the same as your values. It is critical that you take the time to find out your prospects values, and what needs to happen in order for them to experience that value around your product.

1.How to determine someone's values. Ask your prospect "What is most important to you about buying ______? Request the top three values and put them in order of importance.

2. How to determine someone's rules or evidence procedure. Ask your prospect "What has to happen in order for you to know you have that result."

For example let's say you are selling cars. You ask your prospect - "What is most important to you about buying a car? " Your prospect replies -"I want a car that looks good, that is reasonably priced and gets good mileage." You ask your prospect - "What's most important the cars looks or the price?" He says "price." You reply "What's more important the mileage or the looks?" he say "The looks."

Now you know three very important things about your prospect - 1. Price is most important 2. Looks are his second value 3. The mileage is his third priority.

Now you ask "How do you know when a car is reasonable priced?" He says - "It's not more than $20,000." You ask "How do you know if the car looks good?" He says "When I get in the car I picture how I will look in it." You ask "How do you know when a car gets good mileage?" He says I take long road trips and 25-30 miles per gallon is good.

Now that you have all that information about your client you have eliminated all the guesswork and can appeal to his real values. Your prospect feels like you care about him because you took the time to ask a few simple questions. This strategy is like playing a dart game and scoring a bulls eye consistently, versus wishing and hoping that you will find out what is most important to your prospect.

With that information you know exactly what to focus on with your prospect versus focusing on what you think he values most. Not only is it clear in your mind you have made it clear for them in their mind. Your prospect is much more prone to say yes when he is more certain about what he wants.

Speak to his values in the order he placed and pay close attention to his evidence procedure for getting those values met. He has given you the combination to unlock his buying strategy. When your prospect indicates his second value is looks is giving you a clue that he may be visual. You would speak to him in visual terms.

Lastly, you want to attract sales, instead of chasing, selling, promoting, seducing or going after it. Attraction is when people come to you. Selling, promoting, seducing and chasing is when you go after them. When you set up your life for sales to come to you invite effortless success into your life.

How to set up your life for irresistible attraction:

1. Eliminate Adrenaline . People relate adrenaline to success. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Adrenaline is a source of energy. Humans will go to any length to get the quickest easiest source of energy. Adrenaline produces energy - not the healthiest source, but it is continually available. It is not attractive to always be on the go and looking at your watch for your next appointment. People want to feel that you are 100% present with them. Stop rushing and speeding to get to your next client. When you show up harried with too many things on your plate, you take away from your ability to attract.

2. Bump Your Self Care Up To First Class. Take extraordinary care of yourself. People spend more time and money on their cars then themselves. Do things daily that add to your vitality and energy. ie. walk, drink more water, breathing exercises, stretch, eat healthy foods, validate your accomplishments and increase your self esteem, etc.

3. Eliminate Incomplete's and Tolerations From Your Life. Resolve your problems. Set up your life so that you stop creating more problems. Begin to solve problems for a lifetime. Stop putting out the fire of the day and eliminate the fires from ever starting again. Restore your integrity. Be 100% responsible and accountable for your life. Eliminate the holes in your life. Where are you being depleted? By whom? Plug up the holes in your life. Attraction can't find you until you're ready. Get ready.

4. Communicate Constructively. Communicate constructively in every communication. Say nothing but the very best. Eliminate gossip from your life. Let people know you are really listening to them. Let people you know you "get them". Listen to who they are not just what they are saying. Always tell the truth. This means more than not lying. There is a level of telling the truth that will truly set you free and attract others to you. Increasing your awareness, language and reserves will afford you any consequences of telling the truth.

5. Create Reserves In Every Area Of Your Life. When you have reserves you are always at choice. When you have reserves you can fully respond to your life versus reacting. Reserves of money, prospects, time, energy, opportunities, love, etc. You need much more then you think you need. The process of creating reserves will strengthen you. When you have abundant reserves, you'll become an even stronger magnet for what you want - because you won't need it.

6. Deliver It All. Always under promise. Even under promise what you know you can deliver. Deliver 20% more. Be anticipatory. Start fulfilling needs others haven't even thought of yet. Open up conversations for service in areas other's haven't thought of. Create demand. Add value to whomever or whatever you encounter. We all have something to add. Add it. When you add what you have to other's lives, you become much more attractive.

7. Show That You Care. Want a lot for others, perhaps even more than they want for themselves. Then share it. Tell people who they are no just what they do. Remind them if necessary. Give genuine compliments. Release your attachment to the outcome. Be gracious and caring. Don't be in a situation where you need business to survive--buyers smell this and run.

8. Have A Strong Community. Have a strong professional network. Have resources that you can refer. Surround yourself with positive people that believe in you. Eliminate toxic people from your life. Be careful who you let into your tribe.

9. Be a Model. Be a walking example of the benefits of your product or service. Credibility can be instantly established when your prospects learns how much you personally enjoy your products or services.

10. Attitude Of Gratitude . When you are grateful for what you have, you get a whole lot more. Seek to serve instead of just seeking to sell. Lastly, Remember the mission and forget the commission.

Women and Bad Boys: What is the Attraction?

"Bad Boys".

If you're a woman, you may be saying "hmmm" as you hear
these words. You know you shouldn't, but you just can't help yourself.

There is just SOMETHING about these guys that draws you
in, even as your head tells you to "beware"!

So, what exactly is the attraction? It's not necessarily
that they are more physically attractive or smarter or more successful
than the "nice guys". In fact, they can have fewer of these qualities, yet
be harder to resist.

So what is it? Let's begin by defining these guys. This
term is generally applied to males who treat women poorly. Do these
behaviors ring a bell?

*calling at 8:30 on a Saturday night to ask if you want to
get together

*not showing up for a date- followed by no phone call or

*never having any money when you are out

* forgetting or ignoring your birthday and other important

*flirting openly with other women when you are together

*hitting on your good friend(s)

*making booty calls at 1am, after they've had a night out
with others

*is doing time for a serious felony

Instead of asking "what is it about these guys"; let's
instead examine what it is about the women who can't resist them. The
following are actual statements from women who have a history of
attraction to these guys. See if any of these sound familiar.

* "It's never BORING with him. He's unpredictable and

* "He's strong, aggressive and self-assured; I feel safe
with him."

* "It's not his fault; he's trying to get his life

* "I haven't met anyone else that makes me feel the way he

* "He's so charming and passionate."

* "He tells me how much he likes me, so he must really
feel something for me."

* "He needs me."

* "He doesn't come across as needy and desperate."

* "I can't believe I've attracted someone like him."

Now, on the face of these, they seem pretty benign. We all
seek at least some of these traits in the men we choose. So, where's the

Essentially it's in his inability to meet the woman's
fundamental needs. She is the one doing all (or most) of the giving. The
question then lies in; "what's in it for her?"

The answer can be found by exploring three basic issues:

*level of self-esteem

*capacity for intimacy

*roles that she has been in throughout her life

If a woman feels good about herself, she chooses a mate
who communicates both verbally and non-verbally to her that she is valued
and respected. She won't allow this other person to undermine her positive
self-worth. She believes in her ability to participate in a healthy,
reciprocal relationship.

If she doesn't feel good about herself, she chooses
someone who reinforces her negative self-beliefs.

If a woman is capable of true intimacy, she is open to the
true availability of the other person. She wants him to be a full and
active participant in the relationship. She can allow herself to be open,
vulnerable and able to take as well as to receive all that true intimacy

If intimacy is difficult, she choose someone who is
distant, hard to connect with and not emotionally and/or physically

If a woman has had a healthy role in her relationships
since childhood, she will choose someone with whom she can continue this
healthy interaction.

If a woman has been too long in the role of rescuer,
caregiver or the one who sacrifices for the good of others, this will
probably be the role she will seek out in her relationships.

Fortunately, most women fall somewhere in between on these
issues. So the task is to evaluate yourself in each area and decide on a
course of action that will help you to choose a "nice guy", who stirs your
senses and meets your needs while being truly available for a real

Begin with an assessment of what you value most in life
and cannot live without.

Once you know what is most important to you and believe
that you are worthy of achieving it, you will have taken a giant step
towards finding the right partner for you.

It Never Rains On A Right Attitude!

The decision to win in life belongs to you, not to anyone else. No one else can make that decision for you. No one else can open up the top of your head and pour a can of luck down inside of you. The victory is available to you, so is the defeat. Notice I said the victory is "available", not automatic!

Feast Or Famine!

Have you ever noticed how things come and go in cycles? Everything in nature has cycles and so does victory and defeat. When we are in the victory cycle everything we do just falls in place. When we're in the defeat cycle even our crystal ball will tell us, no, that was just a "snow ball" that hit you! Yeah, Right!

It seems the victory cycle always ends too quickly and the defeat cycle always lasts too long. I don't think there is really a great imbalance here, but it really does seem like it especially in the defeat cycle.

Why do some people seem to settle into the defeat cycle? One reason is many people somehow think subconsciously they are getting what they deserve. Don't laugh! I have met and talked to them. This may not be a problem with you, and it's strange but they think mistakes they've made, and decisions they've made are the reasons.

There is something that gets cross-wired in their brain and actually makes them feel better to cause some form of lasting pain or punishment to themselves. And, the longer they go through it, the better they feel because they're removing guilt.

And, Round And Round We Go!

But, about as quick as the guilt disappears, then the circumstances suddenly reappear and they realize they didn't obtain what they desired, their emotions hit another bottom and the defeat cycle starts over again.

If this has ever happened to you take courage, there is very effective way out of it. But, to the person going through this dilemma it's tragic; because their attitude makes the pain of the circumstances much worse.

But, when a person comes to an understanding of their purpose and reason for living, he realizes that it's not something he deserves and opens the way to become a renewed man.

It's as if that old attitude has been erased and a new life has been formed. At one time or another maybe you feel like you've failed in life. And, maybe you feel like you're stuck in a rut of defeat. But, just because you've failed and made some mistakes, doesn't mean you have to settle for a cycle of defeat to more failure.


In everyone's life a little rain must fall, but, not everyday. And, if rain is an everyday occurrence with you then it's time to chase that demon all the way across West Texas and stir up some victory stronger than a garlic milkshake. And, the first thing to do is make an attitude adjustment.

"Oh No," I can hear somebody saying now! "My attitude is just fine." No it's not! Don't get mad at me now. I'm just a messenger. If you're in a cycle of defeat that's been your best friend so long it keeps you rubbing where you've already got a rash, then we need to do some attitude adjusting.

Without the proper attitude toward your circumstances, you will have a near impossible time of turning failure into victory. It's not that an "attitude" by itself changes anything; it's that the right attitude puts you in the right frame of mind to recognize the change when it comes.

Do you want to know what a failure is? I thought so. A failure is nothing more than circumstances that need a different perspective. You can take any failure you're going through and turn it into a victory. But, you've got to be able to see the big picture. And, the right attitude is what will allow you to see the big picture.

Looks Can Be Deceiving!

Without the right attitude you will only see what it looks like. And, what it looks like is not what it really is. There is somewhere hidden in that mess you're going through a breakthrough that will cause you to start dancing.

Here's a quick question for you to think about if you don't think your attitude can hide your victory from you. How many times have you jumped up and started dancing and shouting for joy with an attitude that's saying "there's no hope, my goose is cooked, I'm dead as a dodo?" Huh? Think about it.

And, right in the middle of that "there's no hope attitude", you had a hard time seeing the big picture. What's the big picture? It's the unseen, unobvious, insignificant facts that are staying hidden from you, but nevertheless are still there, and they are the things that will take this mess and turn it into a baptism of fire.

Just remember, the things that are unseen are often more real than the things that are seen because the seen is obvious to everybody. But, only a person who's looking for the big picture often sees the unseen. Here's a quick tip for you. If you can see the solution real quickly, keep looking for another solution, that's probably not the one that will work!

Easy AS ABC??

Maybe you've never thought about it like that before, but, that's the reason so many troubles in life take so long to solve. The obvious is not always the pathway that ends up solving the problem. But, we just keep beating the "dead horse", of the obvious, till that sucker sings the song we want to hear; it usually doesn't!

Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not there. The quickest way to bring them to the light is to make an attitude adjustment. Someone said to me one time, "well, if I can't see them then I just don't believe they're there." I said, "Do you believe you got a brain?" He said yes, I said, "you ever seen it?"

So, don't tell me you can't believe what you can't see. The right attitude will also give you the motivation to work your work until the changes come. You can seriously delay positive changes by going around with a sour pus; woe is me, just my dumb luck frame of mind. You were not meant to be the devil's whipping boy. Don't act like it.

You may think you're down for the count and stuck with a face only a mother could love, but there is no problem that is unsolvable. Form the following attitude, and don't allow your head to talk you out of it; your heart knows what is best.

Entertain High Hopes!

Tell yourself these phrases everyday. Say them out loud! This is warfare and you have got to take military strength action with your attitude to make an impression on your emotions. This is no time to go around with a mealy-mouth, wussified, Casper the friendly ghost, milky toast type of attitude.

You've got to get serious and mean; Say this: "I am a winner", "I am an overcomer" "this game is not over because I strike out"; it's my bat, it's my ball, God is the umpire, and we'll play till I win. You may ask, "Now what will saying all this do for my attitude?" Glad you asked.

Go Like The Wind!

These words are fuel; fuel for your emotions, fuel for your spirit, and fuel for your attitude. But these words are like aviation jet fuel with power to energize your motivation and make you feel like running through a troop and jumping over a wall. And, heaven knows we all need some of that. Just Do it now!

The Law of Attraction

By now you've probably heard the buzz about the Law of Attraction. It's the concept that says that you can have, be or do anything that you want no matter how large it might be.

The Law of Attraction is an extremely simple concept that we've all heard before. Simply put it's 'Like Attracts Like'.

In very simple terms the Law of Attraction says that what you think about and what you feel is what you will attract. This sounds too simple to be true, but with only a small bit of experimentation you'll be able to prove this for yourself.

In order to do that you'll need some basic principles.

Principle #1 The Universe is Neutral

The Universe doesn't care or even realize that you may have wants and needs. It simply exists and the elements that exist within it operate under very basic rules. 'Like attracts like' is one of those rules.

In order to use the Law of Attraction purposefully you must develop a level of self-awareness that will let you avoid negative thoughts and concentrate on the positive. One of the problems that many people experience is the fact that they are constantly thinking about what they don't want.

Principle #2 What you think and what you feel is what you get

The Universe doesn't hear "I don't want debt". It only hears the subject of the thought, which in this case was 'debt'. Thoughts have a certain amount of energy, but feelings actually project more energy, therefore the universe will respond to what you feel over what you think. Remember that this is a process and that you will spend some time identifying and deleting old thoughts, habits and patterns. When you see something that you'd like to have and instantly think "I'll never be able to afford that", just remember that this can take awhile. Don't beat yourself up over the occasional negative thought like that. Just remember that this is about learning a new way to think and feel.

Principle #3 You must ask for what you want

When you think about something you want you project your intent. When you write down what you want you are projecting a stronger intent by giving your intention more energy. When you make time each day to visualize and experience what you want then you are showing the Universe exactly what you want to attract.

Principle #4 You must give yourself permission to receive

This is a step that many people have a hard time with. They may ask for something such as love, happiness or money, but in their hearts they may not believe that they deserve it. It doesn't matter what you ask for if you don't believe that you can get it! If you can't honestly visualize yourself in that situation then the Universe will not manifest it for you. This leads into the next step.

Principle #5 You must be in alignment with what you are asking for

Say a prayer, cast a spell, light a candle or some incense, visualize, affirm, look in the classifieds, get a new suit, whatever. DO something that puts you on the path to receiving that which you desire. Take action. Act as if you already have the money or the love or the car or whatever. Live as if your desire has already manifested. You give much more energy to your intent if you back it up with action.

Principle #6 Start at a level which is believable for you

The Universe is unlimited in its potential. The Universe doesn't recognize size or amounts or depth or any other qualifier. Those are all human qualifications that we place on things. The Universe only sees energy. With that in mind you should, technically, be able to instantly manifest a million dollars, or a new house or a new spouse. In reality most of us have to build up to asking for the big things, and that is perfectly fine. Have faith in your process and don't worry about HOW you are going to manifest, just trust and get on with it. Start with something small and develop your abilities. The more you use it and the more success you have the better you'll be able to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

Principle #7 Have FUN with this

Life is an amazing experience. Every day you are surrounded by miracles and wonders. Enjoy it! Be happy and experiment. Try new things, ask for more, play with the world as if it were your toy and spread that joy and love and laughter and then look at what you are manifesting.

Take some time and experiment with these simple concepts. Feel free to experiment and play and enjoy the process. This should NOT be hard or stressful, life in an abundant and unlimited Universe is not meant to be so. Feel good and follow your bliss.

Letting Go Can Be Hard But Doable

Being a coach, I learned through attending Coach University about letting go of the "stuff" in my life that no longer fueled it. This enhanced itself through my studies in becoming a master practitioner in the laws of attraction -- the process of how our environment, the things and people in it, affect what we attract in the present moment. Along with this came of sensing the heaviness of possessions.

My journey began eight years ago and even today I am still letting go except the items have thinned out considerably. I discovered through time that the process needed to occur in increments and in small amounts. It was as if I needed to grieve a little in between. Even though that may sound stupid, it does to me too, it's my naked truth.

It began at my medicine chest. During my first honestly aware visit it was all I could do but toss out a few expired pills. Every week thereafter over the next month all I could do was remove one item here and there. Setting a goal of one a day only worked in spurts. Eventually, the cabinet, which didn't have much in the first place, was fully functional and only what I really needed.

Then came the linen closet and afterwards my home office. I sold a majority of my books on Amazon. As my shelves became more honest, and of course lighter, my writing began to change. My productivity doubled, my focus, commitment, and clarity took leaps. This was one of my happiness times during this project. The more I let go, the more my writing improved. I also made a New Year's resolution to stop buying books for a year. For an avid reader and book junkie this was painfully hard. I'm proud to say I made it to September before I broke.

The New Year's resolution included a side point -- I had to read to let go of every book on my shelf that I hadn't already read or that didn't fit my current needs. This philosophy is still in effect. The next year I progressed and came up with the one-book in and one-book out policy. I'm not always successful, yet, I've found it a good rule of thumb, especially for the wallet. The sale profits sit in a savings account and the account only allows one withdrawal a month. This maintains orderly spending for my weakest link -- buying too many books. It worked for a few years until I developed my own discipline and discernment. Was it easy, heck no! In fact, I can remember times when my logic and desires were in the boxing ring. Does it get easier, heck yes!

During the book honesty process I had to develop a new reading-research system. This required me to read and process the information different. I started a journaling system, first manual, then computerized. It also created a very productive self-learning process that I found absolutely fabulous and still use today.

Responsibility to maintain even what is hidden away or what remains holds a lot of unseen debiting energy. Letting go is removing the debits so there is room for new credits to enter. I could feel the energy getting zapped. Kitchen appliances making me feel guilty because I don't use them frequently.

Now my life is getting simpler and my writing is improving immensely. I no longer want very much nor dream of buying this or that. Advertising no longer pulls my strings longer than a few seconds which is a fabulous freedom.

Letting go isn't easy. There is the stage of acknowledgment. At this stage you will realize how some things hold you back. Even today, on occasion, it seems weird knowing that even stuff hidden away in a closet or storage unit can affect my present and future success. New doors opened in my writing and beliefs. You will see your gifts blossom as you move past the doubt and experience these moments.

The second stage is deciding what you are ready to let go of. This can only be done in the present moment. It requires seeing the truth of what the items are really costing you balanced with removing the doubt. Self-trust and confidence builds in big ways during this stage. The more you experience the results the more self-trust increases and doubt decreases.

The fear that you will one day need what it is you are letting go is a hard step. And self-honesty is the only solution. Easier for some things than with others. During my eight years on working through this process, only twice did I find I really missed something. And a short time later I found a replacement that either saved me time or increase productivity many times over.

The third stage is the results stage. Life will become easier, less overwhelming and stressful, and more creative. You will have more time for the things that really matter most. You will also need to learn not to settle for just any ole stuff again. Everything that enters now will have a blessed energy that fuels your life. It will fuel your life and encourage even more letting go.

Where do you want to start today? The medicine cabinet, a drawer, or your desk. Be honest with it. What can you let go today to gain more energy tomorrow?

Love at first sight?

Yes, men think so...or is it 'lust' at first sight? How can a woman or man 'really' know?

If a woman thinks it is 'love at first sight', she may have found an incredibly 'hot' guy who matches her ideal social persona 'catch'. If this guy actually knows how to be a natural, all women will want him and she will have to fight with others to 'keep him' (I can teach you to be this man).

Otherwise most of them appear to be quite boring because they try to impress her and don't 'get it'. But when dealing with 'love at first sight', yes it might be, but then longer term dynamics start to sink in and kind of spoil it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, I mean, beholder.

'Love at first sight' is usually only perceptionally based if not in its entirety. No one can match up ideally to one person's expectation of who they are or who they should be. Once you find out more about them, you're going to be disappointed in what you thought they were. See how selfish we as people really are?!

Eventually you go through the hardships of a 'real' relationship and very very rarely will everything work out perfectly where the people are a real match (at least in our highly developed, opinionated, individualistic cultural society).

You are only throwing your perception or ideals on who you think that person is or should be (I have done this a lot in the past). We want a person to be the ideal match to what WE think they should be. Most often if not all the time, we find out they are not actually what we idealized and then are a little disappointed. A real relationship is going to take a lot of work and a lot more work than two 'simpler' people.

If you can spark attraction shortly after you meet a woman, there is a more realistic chance she will feel deeper emotions for you than her social persona (of what states what she says she wants) and she will often forgive your other misgivings as long as you understand natural attraction.

This is actually very generous of her because now, guys (way) below her level physically actually have a chance. The process of attraction is slightly different for men and women.

Men will often instantly disqualify women for a sexual relationship based on their looks (ahem), while women keep an open mind to see who knows how to make them 'feel' the feelings that they respond to so powerfully physiologically and emotionally. They are interested in a mans character attributes because that are things that can be of interest for the long haul.

These feelings have a biological root which she cannot choose or control. This is why an average looking guy who 'get's it' can have more of a chance than a good looking guy who easily proves himself wrong to her right away.

She will resent that most of her counterparts do not 'get it' yet but will be open to starting something with a man who finally can just 'lead her through' the natural process of attraction...then often sex 'just happened' or she got 'swept away'..this is the way it is supposed to be and that she fantasizes about (and reads in those sappy romance novels).

Don't be thrown off by what a woman says she wants if you are not that social reflection of her consciousness yourself, she is programmed biologically to react to men who are true naturals with her or who display aspects of being a natural. Do not let that stop you. Her biological inheritance (when in tandem with a true natural man) will override ANY social programming she may have, as long as he maintains true congruency and doesn't 'screw it up'.

If you are a natural you probably won't screw it up when you are reaching that part of her (there is much more leniency here). If you are 'walking on egg shells' by trying to be 'qualified' by her social persona, it's virtually a guarantee you'll screw it up even with any small move. Take the very ending of 'Boat Trip' where Roselyn Sanchez says to the wussy Cuba Gooding, Jr. character, "Ok, but you BETTER not screw it up."

Sure the movie ends with a kiss but who has the control here? Whose reality is he in? Love at first sight, but he is based in the wrong paradigm of 'being' that he WILL screw it up because of the power dynamics and several other factors (she is in control by far).

In fact, you will almost put aside the entire notion of 'love at first sight' because it's too romancey for you (although you may secretly keep that dream alive); but you understand reality a little more, that different relationships with different women are going to give you different experiences.

Of course you may be aware of lust at first sight with women you see most everywhere you go, but you really have to get to know her more to find out who she is, otherwise it is all just perception.

If you can develop yourself to look as good as you can and get your internal paradigm and life straight and clear, then you can naturally accelerate the process of attracting women and starting things with little effort. Your focus should really be on developing yourself and living in a natural paradigm, while denying all of the perceptual B.S. that is going on. Be an interesting and intriguing man and improve yourself; HAVE something to offer women who are lucky enough.

Your 'love at first sight' from their point of view only happens if you match their social ideal (and traditional ideal of Prince Charming) and then know how to take everything from there...then all women will want you. You do not have to be Prince Charming..that is another article, but remember how you relate to her says everything. She needs to be turned up like a volume knob and you have to interact with her to spark the process of sexual attraction and her interest will grow in you...through time, may lead to infatuation, love, great respect, devotion, passion, etc. from her.

It is all in how you relate to her so don't pay too much attention to having to have Brad Pitt looks, with Soros' bank account...that's the same as you wanting to date a supermodel, except you probably have a better chance than she does to meet your ideal because there are so few men left who really get it and are a great catch in their own right (with some nice social status to boot).

There are countless beautiful women. The advantage and favor is in YOUR hands. There are few men left who are awesome catches AND who know how to deal with these women. Make women want you just by being your true self at all times; an interesting, funny, great guy and know how to take it from there (I can help you there as well).

Opting For A Credit Card? Check Out Certain Terms

You've just received a "pre-approved" credit card offer in your mail. Without wasting a minute you're ready to accept it, especially if it's the "before-the-offer-expires” one. Wait! Don't be in a hurry. Shop around a little and then make your decision about that credit card.

Do you know that these "pre-approved" offers that pop up almost every time you open your mail are just gimmicks? Actually, the approval of your credit card depends on your formal application. If it fails to meet the criteria, you may be either denied the credit card or offered a higher interest rate on it. Moreover, don't be in the illusion that just because your credit card is pre-approved, it'll be compatible to your spending habits. Credit card basically means that you're borrowing money by paying some charges. So, it's essential to understand the terms and conditions of the credit card before accepting it.

Every credit card applier should be aware of certain terms before opting for that valuable plastic asset. Are you aware of them? If not, then read on…

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): It's the measure of the credit cost that is charged annually. Before opening your credit card account, you should be familiar with the APR. In addition, some credit card issuers may change your APR with the change in interest rates or other economic indicators. Programs allowing such change are called "variable rate" programs.

Free Period or Grace Period: Always find out whether your credit card gives you a free period lest you may be deprived of the benefit of avoiding finance charges on full payment before the due date. If your credit card offers a grace period, you should receive your bill 14 days prior to the due date, so that you get sufficient time to make the payments.

Annual Fees, Transaction Fees and other charges: It's vital to have knowledge about the annual and transaction fees charged by the credit card issuer. Besides this, you may also be charged in case of a cash advance, a late payment, or exceeding your credit limit. Sometimes, you've to pay a monthly fee even if you don't use your credit card.

The Bonus Program: If you're opting for a credit card that offers attractions like airline miles, merchandise, or cash back, check out whether there are any participation charges linked with them. If you think you won't get a chance to use these bonuses due to your lifestyle, then it's better to avoid such credit cards.

Zero percent financing: If you hold several credit cards, then a credit card with an initial 0 percent balance transfer rate would save you hundreds of dollars in the first year. However, such transfers may come with some charges. Check them out.

Credit card terms differ with the issuers. You should know how you'd use your credit card. For instance, if you are going to pay your full balance each month, then you should concentrate on annual fee and other charges rather than the periodic rate and the APR.

Moreover, you should know your credit card limit too. Also, find out how popular the credit card is and what are the features and programs of the credit card you've opted for.

Once you are well versed with the terms of the credit card, just apply for it!

Paying the Bills Truly CAN Be Painless

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works to send me more of whatever I'm feeling, I decided that I wanted to feel good about Paying the Bills.

Ugh! The handful of bills feels like an armload of bricks. My stomach hurts and - darn! Where did that calculator go, anyway? I scrounge through my wallet for the latest ATM slip. The balance mirrors my desire to perform this monthly ritual of Paying the Bills: virtually nil. Yet there's a tiny voice in the back of my mind asking, "Will I always feel this awful about Paying the Bills?"

I remember how I felt when my dad performed the ritual of Paying the Bills. The tension would escalate as he prepared the dining room table as his workspace. Out came the ledger, the check-book, three sharpened pencils, a big rubber eraser, a black-ink pen and a large calculator. I would run for my bedroom when the confrontation began: "Why did you spend so much on this?" "You didn't write down how much check number 222 was for!" It seemed safer to hide in my room and blot out those sounds by listening to my radio.

When I got married, my husband carried on the ritual of Paying the Bills. He performed his duties with an even scarier tactic - icy silences, followed by a verbal blast three days after Paying the Bills. I never got used to this new, darker aspect of the ritual.

You might think that after 50+ years of experiencing Paying the Bills this way that the ritual MUST be acted out full of anxiety, fear, accusations and threats. Not so. I'm living proof that even if you've performed the ritual this way for as long as you can remember, you can change the entire mood of Paying the Bills.

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works to send me more of whatever I'm feeling, I decided that I wanted to feel good about Paying the Bills. I asked myself this question: When do I feel good about writing checks or spending money? The answer: When I'm shopping for things that I enjoy and appreciate. So, I decided to change the name of the ritual from Paying the Bills to Spending Money! As soon as I did that, my mood shifted.

At first, I had to remind myself that I'm Spending Money! and I LOVE Spending Money! I had to consciously replace the phrase Paying the Bills with Spending Money! Now it's natural to think of the ritual as Spending Money!

Then I reminded myself of all the blessings I receive for the services that I'm Spending Money! on. I LOVE the way I'm able to speak with clients and friends, children and grandchildren who live far from me, by phoning them. So I LOVE Spending Money! to pay for the use of my telephone.

I LOVE the extra time I gain by the software enhancements my programmer has developed for my business, so I LOVE Spending Money! on programming.

I LOVE all the freedom I have to order my day for work and play, so I LOVE Spending Money! on secretarial and bookkeeping services.

I LOVE living in a beautiful luxurious harborside condo, so I LOVE Spending Money! to live here.

Now I look forward to the privilege of Spending Money! Each week I perform this ritual with such joy that by the time I've balanced four checking accounts, written a dozen or so checks, photocopied statements, stapled receipts, addressed and stamped all the envelopes, I am HIGH! I LOVE Spending Money!

The next time you begin the ritual of Paying the Bills, just try and NOT think of what you are doing as Spending Money! Now that you know it's possible to have fun Spending Money! the old ritual just won't be the same.

Do you have a secret dream, desire or hope?

Sexual Attraction… I Slept With Elvis

The girl says to her girlfriend, “Elvis has such sexual attraction I just couldn't resist and I slept with him on the first date! Then I discover he does not have good husband qualities and he is just a ladies man. He has such an aurora such an attraction I just couldn't resist and I just can't believe I did it.” It happens every day ladies. 

Look out girls here comes the King of Seduction. Elvis will drop you to your knees with sexual energy that will have you dreaming for days, but when you come out of Elvis's spell you will be on a waiting list to see Elvis again. Can you deal with it my dear? Elvis is looking for a wife but he expects it will take another 30 years to find the perfect girl. He is the ultimate playboy of playboys. He is the guru of the guru's. The guy the experts go to when they have problems with girls. 

 Elvis is Not exactly the perfect candidate from most women's point of view. So ladies if you date Elvis Preston King you risk being dumped for the next pretty face that comes along. Believe me when Elvis walks down to the corner a new pretty face will step around the corner and she too will be Elvis's girl. Consider yourself warned my darlings. So my little dream girl what have you got to loose if you don't have sex on the first date with Elvis. A hot night with Elvis Preston King, of course! 

But lets look at Elvis's position of the top playboy in the world from the wanna be pick up artists view. Men like to get laid. Elvis gets laid every day by new and exciting European girls. They love that American accent “thank you very much mam.”  

Elvis is the world's number 1 pick up artist, the king of seduction and has not written a book and he does not put on seminars but he is looking for a buddy who wants to hang out and meet a zillion beautiful girls. Is Elvis a nice guy? What make the difference if he can get you laid like that? Can Elvis get you laid? Dahhh…think about it….